Smarter technology

Data sharing ¬† All five hubs in the Encompass area are now sharing patient records. This allows all¬† the organisations involved in the multi-disciplinary teams to communicate and input data outside of the meetings where they discuss the patients This has greatly improved efficiency and the ability to see more patients.   Data Sharing Agreements […]

Social prescribing impact in integrated case management

Social prescribing   Social Prescribing supports prevention and self-care, promoting independence and enabling people to take early action on non-medical issues. It can help people to build social networks, keep them healthy, reduce the need for medical care, and address loneliness and social isolation. It is an integral component of the transformation and integration of […]

Integrated Case Management

Integrated Case Management Bringing together health professionals to improve patient outcomes   Encompass has been leading a trial into fully integrated case management (ICM), bringing together all health & wellbeing professionals to develop single care plans for those at the highest risk of developing long term conditions requiring acute care. To ensure patients and the […]